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A 47.1 g stone was purchased in Safsaf, October, 2002. Mineralogy and classification (T.
Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU): fresh stone (shiny fusion crust with slight interior staining near the
surface) with 80 % fusion crust. Modes ( in vol%): matrix, 47; chondrules, 44; sulfides, 6;
Cr-magnetite, 2; refractory inclusions, 1. Chondrules range in size from 0.08 to 1.2 mm. Matrix
mostly unrecrystallized, fine-grained (<5 µm) olivine, Fa37; augite, Fs15Wo47; Ca-poor
pyroxene, Fs29; Ni-rich sulfides (Co up to 0.84 wt %) and Cr-rich magnetite (Cr2O3 up to 15.1
wt %). Sulfides contain many small (<20 µm), rounded inclusions of Cl-apatite and SiO2 glass.
Similar to, but not paired with NWA 772. Contains Ca,Al-rich inclusions. Shock level, S1;
weathering grade, W0/1. Specimens: type specimen, 9.42 g and one thin section,
Meteorite Name
NWA 1694
Found 2002, North West Africa
Weathering &
Shock Level
S1, W0/1
Specimen Type
Polished thin section
NWA 1694 CK3

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