NWA 3341 LOD
Meteorite Name
NWA 3341
Found 2001, Morocco
Weathering &
Shock Level
Specimen Type
dpc thin section
History: A single stone of 91 g was bought in Rissani, Morocco, in 2001.

Physical characteristics: It is oblong shaped, ~5 cm in length, and ~2 cm in diameter. The
fusion crust is altered and reddish dark brown. Discrete regmaglypts are visible. One side is
broken, altered, and covered with desert varnish. A few open fractures are filled with sand
grains in their widest end.

Petrography: (A. Jambon, O. Boudouma, and D. Badia; UPVI). In thin section, interstitial metal
patches up to a few mm are observed in addition to numerous sulfide patches with the same
texture, about half as big. A network of once-molten material at grain boundaries and in the
fissures is observed. Both ends of the stone are significantly altered. Aggregates of polyhedral
olivine and orthopyroxene with interstitial minor phases exhibit triple junctions. Mode: olivine
41.4%, opx 32.1%, cpx 7.2%, chromite 4.4%, phosphate 3.0%, kamacite 5.2% troilite (partly
oxidized) 6.1%, feldspar (mixed Na-K-Ca) 0.5%. A few internal open fractures and pores
amount to less than 1%.

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